Pansy - Female - $750

Pinky/"Pop"- Male - $500

Pipsqueak - Male - $500

Pixie - Female - $750

Fawn - Female - $1,250



Petite Piggies


Teddy - Male - $500

Chloe is a chocolatey red colored sow who delivered 5 babies on April 13, 2016! 
The litter consists 3 girls and 2 boys. Colors in tho litter vary from red, red with stripes, and pink! 
These babies have excellent coloring and would be a great addition to any household or farm! 

Available from Chloe's litter are:

Fawn - red striped girl who has very rare and distinguished


Pixie - reddish brown little girl with extraordinary color.

​Bruno - reddish brown boy with the same coloring as Pixie. 

​Pansy - pink little girl with a few grey speckles around tail

​and ears. 

​Teddy - pink boy with a few grey speckles around tail and ears.

Expecting babies from mothers Mira (pink with grey speckles) and Petunia (pink with black coat) any day! 



Bruno - Male - $750

​​Updated June 18, 2016.

We currently have 7 babies for sale! 

The mothers are Daisy and Ginger. 

Daisy had her babies on April 10, 2016. She delivered 

5 babies; 2 girls and 3 boys.

They are a variety of pink, pink/speckled, black with white markings, pink with grey and pink

with black. 

All 5 babies were hand raised and bottle-fed,making them super spoiled. 

Available from Daisy's litter are:

Pip - boy colored black with white markings. Pip is the runt and squealer of the litter.

Pinky - boy colored pink with grey speckles around ears and bottom. Pinky, or "Pop",

used to buck around as a baby, earning him

the nickname Pop!