Welcome to Petite Piggies!

      Here at Petite Piggies we believe in nurturing and raising miniature, potbelly and Juliana variety     piggies to their fullest potential in rural North Carolina.

    We specialize in piggies of pink, black, red, red striped, spotted, and pink/grey color.

    Our pigs live happily in a free-range style enclosure where they receive daily love and affection. 

    We do NOT eat any of our piggies! 

Our newborn piglets are raised alongside their mothers in their own custom- built nursery. The nursery is equipped with heat/air conditioning and consists o four stalls, all of which have a ramp that leads to their very own enclosure. 

If interested in purchasing a piggy, or just wanting to schedule a time to learn more about and meet our pigs, please go to the "contact" page where we will be glad to answer any questions or concerns! 

Petite Piggies